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My love to fitness started when I was in my teens … I did some track competitions in Israel before my family decided to moved to the states. After High school I got my LVN license. I worked in the medical field little over 15 years while paying memberships to all kids of places;  kickboxing, yoga, conventional gyms, boot camp, cardio barre, spinning and Pilates… I really liked Pilates… so I decided its time to move on with my life and pursue with my love to fitness. Two years later I got my Pilates certification (2013) and coached little over a year (till the birth of my twin boys). Somewhere along the way I lost my passion…it was a real struggle losing the weight and nothing was working until I was introduced to Interval…. Something about this place got me hooked up and back to the fitness junkie I once was only this time I had a direction. I knew that functional training is my passion. So I trained hard and Roy’s program really worked! I Lost all the weight and got stronger day by day.

Loving it so much led me to get certified through Roys certification program (that was full of valuable information from all the basic functional movements to anatomy, physiology and some injuries and their modifications. I’ve been a group fitness coach & personal trainer since 2016 and love every moment of it.

In 2018 I was promoted to be the Gym manager so any questions/issues you may have … don’t hesitate to contact me 😇😉

Why I love it so much ? As an athlete… There is so much room to grow, improve and get Better.. as a coach, being a part of someone’s life change, helping them to get the best version of themselves and witnessing the progress is what drives’s inspiring to see what the human body is capable of -if we only put our minds in to it.


There are several types of addictions in our lives, The alcohol addict, the drug addict, the gambling addict, etc.

My name is Elad Levy, and I’m a training addict.
I was born in Israel, where I grew up and developed my love for weights at an early age inspired by my family.

At 18 I joined the Army (IDF) and served about 3 years as a special unit fighter. During the military service, the commanders saw me as having the potential to train my team among the operational activities, so I was sent to a combat fitness training course in addition to my role as a fighter.

After the army, I acquired my studies in the fitness field at Wingate Institute in Israel and since then I have started to practice it more professionally.

Interval has always been a part of me long before I joined the coaching staff, because Interval belonged to my uncle, Roy.
Roy contacted me about a year and a half ago on a clear day and asked if I wanted to come and train for him, I immediately agreed and from there everything is history.

Strength is the production of force against an external resistance but being strong is way beyond that, Being strong is the best education one can get.
It is to fall and learn how to rise, it is confidence, it is wisdom, it is compassion, it is a way to find the inner peace and it is incredible physical strength.
Being strong gives me a reason to get up in the morning and defeat the person I was yesterday, a reason to look forward to every day as something brimming with possibility.
But most of all, being strong gives me a reason to live for.


Hi, I’m Livnat, originally from Israel, 37 years old, mother of three children. And this is my story: I have been underweight all my life, I have had particularly bad eating habits and I have always been looking for solutions to gain weight through professionals, but without success. I was so insecure and frustrated by the situation that as a result I found myself seeking my happiness through external things, accessories and expensive brands that managed to bring me only momentary satisfaction. But became a real addiction, to pursue happiness.

And one day, everything changed, I went into Facebook and saw a picture of a friend who made a huge change, I asked the owner of the place, Roy, for a friend request on Facebook, as soon as he approved me, I asked to attend to a free class, I was scared, I was stressed, insecure, but finally, I managed to collect myself and get to the gym. When I got to the gym the place was empty, the owner of the place Roy and the manager of the place Maytal were sitting there by themself, I was told to come the next day because the last class was ended.
The easiest way to say that maybe it’s a sign, maybe my destiny is not to be here, but despite all the doubts and insecurities I arrived the next day, I arrived and saw a particularly strong group of people that lowered my confidence even more.

But the place was love at first sight for me. The workouts made me reborn, I stopped chasing what was outside, I stopped concentrating on momentary happiness, I started concentrating on what was inside, myself, my diet changed, my weight increased for the first time and my self-confidence along with it.
More than the physical change, the mental change is what made me fall in love with this type of training even more.
After 4 years I decided to take my love one step further, turn the hobby into a profession and take a coaching course on behalf of American Fitness and Nutrition academic with the goal of helping more people change their lives from end to end.

Interval for me is where I was reborn, my second home and this name will forever remain as a name of success for me. Today I am here, proud and excited to fulfill my dream and help change the lives of countless people.


Lawrence August has worked in the Health and Nutrition industry for nearly two decades. He is currently the sole Nutrition Counselor at The Center for Integrative Medicine in Tarzana California.
The Center is run by Dr. Michael Hirt, MD and is currently the largest private solo medical practice in Los Angeles County.
At over 8,000 consultations and counting at The Center, Lawrence serves patients with a variety of health challenges, from basic weight loss and digestive issues to more severe illnesses such as Cancer, Diabetes, and Heart Disease… and everything in between.
At the Center, Lawrence also helps in managing the Natural Pharmacy, which offers an alternative to nearly every single prescription medication available.
He is a former Wellness Advisor for Follow Your Heart Natural Foods— one of the very first vegetarian markets in the country,  where he acted as Editor for the Monthly Newsletter, along with running monthly health-conscious events, including seminars and regular screenings of documentaries focusing on a variety of hot-button topics.
In addition to his full-time position as a Nutrition Counselor, he serves as Vice President on the Board of Directors for the nonprofit organization Accept The Challenge, an elementary school program dedicated to fighting childhood obesity by providing evidence-based, nutrient-smart lessons combined with structured exercise. The program is currently being employed in 22 school districts across 7 states and is set to expand nationally within the coming year.
Lawrence lives to help people and is always refining his health protocols whenever new information arrives. His core professional philosophy is to compassionately meet each client’s particular needs in a customized and individualized fashion.