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Interval is a gym that will take you back to the basics. We go back to the perfect movement patterns and range of motion that we used as children and have lost with time.  We are constantly using machines to help us get around and make life “easier”.  Elevators, escalators, cars and golf carts are used more and more which means we use our own bodies less and less.


Roy has always been into sports and fitness. From the time he was able to walk he started playing Basketball and continued all the way through High School. Being a dedicated player and leader on the court encouraged his Coach to make Roy the Captain of the team at age 16.

He joined the Israeli Army at the age of 18. He served as a paramedic in the Givati combat unit. He later served as a Platoon Sergeant in the same unit.

After 3 years in the Israeli Army, Roy began the next phase of his life and started to travel. This opened a whole new world of fitness possibilities. He was introduced to Capoeira is Brazil, explored Crossfit in Holland and became addicted to Olympic Weightlifting in the USA. During all of this he also focused on Functional Training, TRX and Kettle Bell Training in Israel. Every experience created a new passion for him and allowed him to discover many forms of training.

Roy knew this was the field he wanted to be in. He spent a few years working in fitness clubs as a personal trainer. In 2008 he decided to branch out on his own and started a fitness company in Israel called 1 on 1 Fitness. The company specialized in personal and group training. He had a number of trainers all over Israel to bring fitness to the clients. 1 on 1 Fitness was a thriving company until it was closed in August 2014 after Roy moved to Los Angeles in pursuit of his love-his wife Danielle.

Roy hit the ground running in Los Angeles and quickly built a clientele which lead to the creation of Interval.

Every step in this world is a lesson learned. With all the lessons in his path, Roy has made it his goal to educate fitness lovers and even haters to find what works for them in the wide spectrum of fitness. The one thing that will make them be happy in and outside of the gym as a way of life!

Interval Philosophy By Roy Abergel



Open University


  • Israeli Army 3 years.
  • Combat Paramedic.
  • Platoon Sergeant.


  • Level 1
  • crossfit Mobility
  • crossfit Gymnastics
  • crossfit Olympic lifting
  • crossfit strongman
  • crossfit Flexibility

Functional movement screen (FMS)

  • Level 1 (body screening)
  • Level 2 (corrective exercise)


Takano Certification